Zayed Airport Terminal: Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport, Terminal A, crafted by Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF), blends tradition with innovation, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to cutting-edge aviation infrastructure.

Monumental Departure Hall:
The Departure Hall at Zayed International Airport’s Terminal A, stands as a fifty-meter-high column-free expanse, creating an open, airy atmosphere enhanced by atmospheric lighting. Visually striking supporting arches lend an illusion of weightlessness to the ceiling, balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Sculptural Interior Features:
Drawing from Islamic architecture, the terminal boasts the Sana Al Nour art installation, crafted in collaboration with Carpenter | Lowings and the design team. Comprising 1,632 individual curved leaves of translucent glass, this installation channels light and air, enhancing the passenger experience from Departures to Arrivals. The Feature Staircase offers panoramic views and serves as a sculptural centerpiece, emphasizing the terminal’s dedication to design and function.

Artistic Culmination: The Shell:
The Shell at Terminal A exemplifies artistic innovation, transitioning seamlessly from its glass exterior with a fading frit pattern to a three-dimensional sculpture within. Reflecting wayfinding patterns throughout the terminal, the Shell provides a captivating finale to the Zayed International Airport experience.

Future-Ready Design:
Director Jens Hardvendel highlights the focus on customer experience and efficiency in creating an X-shaped plan, minimizing walking distances for passengers. Terminal A’s adaptable design, driven by KPF, anticipates and accommodates future changes in air travel, ensuring a seamless journey for travelers