Japan Airlines A350-1000, New First & Business Class cabins

Japan Airlines (JAL) today unveiled the details of its new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft and cabin interiors, which will become the airline’s new flagship for international service after nearly 20 years. Customers will experience an even higher level of comfort aboard the aircraft and can anticipate a unique overall journey that is individually tailored. The airline’s launch of the A350-1000 aircraft, originally planned for late November 2023 on the Tokyo (Haneda) – New York (JFK) route, is expected to commence before the end of the year due to a supply chain disruption affecting the delivery of components.

Cabin Interior: The overall aircraft cabin has been designed to immerse customers in the elegance of Japanese aesthetics and envelop them in tranquility, providing a serene ambiance that encapsulates the beauty of Japan. The latest interior is also tailored to provide a high-quality experience for customers and reflects a consistency of JAL’s renowned service that carries over from our domestic fleet (A350-900 and 787-8 aircraft).

Seatings: Completely redesigned seats have been installed in all classes to provide JAL’s most relaxing and comfortable experience to date. First Class and Business Class offer spacious, yet fully-private environments, and Premium Economy Class provides enhanced privacy and comfort. Economy Class has been designed for enhanced relaxation and well-being, featuring spacious seating and ample legroom.

Inflight Meal Service: New services that cater to diverse preferences and values of customers will be gradually introduced. For tableware and cutlery, JAL will promote the use of non-petroleum-derived plastics to reduce environmental impact and address social issues. The airline also aims to foster a sustainable future through collaboration with customers.

Inflight Entertainment: Panasonic Avionics Corporation (USA)’s latest inflight entertainment system and inflight Wi-Fi service will debut on board the new aircraft. All classes will feature 4K monitors for high-quality viewing with Bluetooth connectivity. Each customer will also be able to create a personalized favorites list through integration with the JAL Mobile App, enhancing their inflight entertainment experience.

[Details of New Services]

1. Cabin Interior and Seat Specifications:

1.1 First Class

The new seating arrangement features just six (6) suites to create a unique and exclusive cabin environment. Seats are designed to provide even greater comfort and the addition of individual doors, for the first time by JAL, increases privacy while also creating a more open individual atmosphere with the elimination of overhead storage compartments.

Seat Type: Enclosed Private Suite with Door
Wall height: Approximately 157cm (62 in.)
Seat Pitch: Approximately 211cm (83 in.)
Seat Width: Maximum of approximately 123cm (48 in.)
Bed Length: Maximum of approximately 203cm (80 in.)
Individual Monitor Size: 43 in.
Seat Manufacturer: Safran Seats GB (UK)


Key Features:
・ A choice of three seating modes: Sofa, Seat & Single Bed, or Double Bed (*1)
(*1) Double Bed mode refers to having all seats transformed into a bed configuration.
・ Introduction of the world’s first headphone-free stereo with built-in headrest speakers, allowing customers to enjoy the inflight entertainment system without using headphones. The headrest also has a reclining function, allowing comfortable viewing of the inflight entertainment even in bed mode.
・ Stress-free environment with wardrobe and storage space for personal belongings inside the suite.


1.2 Business Class

Despite the increase in seat capacity to 54 from the current international flagship configuration, ample spacing has been prioritized to ensure a comfortable and individual inflight experience. Notably, in Business Class, doors have been introduced for the first time to ensure privacy, and overhead storage compartments are exclusively positioned on the window side to create an open atmosphere.

Seat Type: Enclosed Private Suite with Door
Wall height: Approximately 132cm (52 in.)
Seat Pitch: Approximately 130cm (51 in.)
Seat Width: Maximum of approximately 56cm (22 in.)
Bed Length: Maximum of approximately 198cm (78 in.)
Individual Monitor Size: 24 in.
Seat Manufacturer: Safran Seats GB (UK)


Key Features:
・ Bed mode with a length of approximately 198cm
offers ample space at the foot area and comfortable sleeping experience with cushioning structures that evenly distribute body pressure. The headrest also has a reclining function, allowing comfortable viewing of the inflight entertainment while lying down.
・ Electric privacy partition provides easy communication with travel companions.
・ Introduction of the world’s first headphone-free stereo with built-in headrest speakers, allowing customers to enjoy the inflight entertainment system without using headphones.
・ Stress-free environment with wardrobe and
storage space for personal belongings inside the suite.


1.3 Premium Economy Class

In pursuit of the utmost comfort in its class, the cabin features large partitions to significantly improve privacy. It is also the first Premium Economy Class in the world to introduce electrically operated reclining functionality.

Seat Type: Fixed-back mechanismSeat Pitch: Approximately 107cm (42 in.)
Seat Width: Maximum of approximately 48cm (19 in.) *Excludes some seats
Individual Monitor Size: 16 in.
Seat Manufacturer: Safran Seats France (FR)


Key Features:
・ Larger privacy partitions have been installed to greatly enhance each individual space.
・ The electric leg rest can be adjusted horizontally, allowing you to relax in your preferred position.
・ The 16-inch 4K widescreen monitor is approximately 1.3 times larger than the current model.


1.4 Economy Class

Having won the “Best Economy Class Airline Seat” by SKYTRAX for six consecutive terms, JAL has further enhanced the spacious legroom and improved the seating for enhanced comfort.

Seat Type: Reclining mechanism
Seat Pitch: Approximately 84-86cm (33-34 in.)
Seat Width: Approximately 46cm (18 in.) *Excludes some seats
Individual Monitor Size: 13 in. *Excludes some seats
Seat Manufacturer: RECARO (GE)


Key Features:
・ A spacious and comfortable seating space with a wide seat pitch, inheriting the concept of the current model.
・ Featuring the largest 13-inch 4K monitor in its class.


2. Inflight Entertainment Service:

High-resolution 4K monitors have been installed in all classes, and customers can connect their own wireless listening devices via Bluetooth. Starting from spring 2024, customers will be able to create their favorite movie and music playlists in advance using the JAL Mobile App and easily enjoy them during the flight.
Language support has been expanded to cover 15 languages (*2), enabling a more comfortable environment for a greater number of customers to experience. Additionally, visual support measures, including the ability to perform color correction, have been implemented.
(*2) Supported languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog.


3. Other New Products and Services:

3.1 Lounge Service:

At the Haneda JAL First Class Lounge, a new exclusive hand-drip coffee service will be introduced, along with the resumption of shoe polishing services that were temporarily paused during the pandemic. These services will be provided by a team of professional staff (*3) dedicated to creating a society where everyone can enjoy a fulfilling life through their work.
(*3) Employees of JAL Sunlight work alongside individuals with disabilities utilizing their diverse abilities in collaboration with able-bodied colleagues.


3.2 Inflight Meal Service:

a. First Class and Business Class
・ Vegan and vegetarian menus will be renewed under the supervision of Fumio Yonezawa (*4), offering course-style menus that bring smiles when tasted (*5).
・ For long-haul Business Class, a new service will be introduced that allows customers to design their own preferred way of spending their time onboard (available from spring 2024).
(*4) Fumio Yonezawa became the first Japanese sous chef at “Jean-Georges” in New York. After returning to
Japan, he opened his own restaurant “No Code” in 2022. He continues to contribute to society through volunteer activities centered around food at facilities for people with disabilities, among other endeavors.
(*5) For flights departing from Haneda and Narita (excluding some routes), advance reservations are required.


b. Premium Economy Class and Economy Class
・ Introducing an optional menu (paid service) that enhances your travel experience with a variety of vibrant culinary choices (*6).
・ The vegan and vegetarian menu will be renewed to provide additional choices that delight more diverse customers.
・ The collaboration with the top-ranking chefs from the RED U-35 (*7) competition will continue, focusing on incorporating environmentally friendly “The Future 50 Foods” (*8) ingredients and prioritizing nutritional value. The aim is to deliver a healthy inflight meal that satisfies both the body and mind.
(*6) Available on flights from Japan to Europe, the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia (excluding some routes);
requires advanced booking.
(*7) The RED U-35 (RYORININ’s EMERGING DREAM U-35) is a competition organized by Gurunavi, Inc. to identify and support young and talented chefs with dreams and ambitions, promoting new values.
(*8) Sustainable ingredients as advocated by Unilever and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the UK, taking into consideration factors such as safety and nutritional value.


3.3 Amenities / Others:

a. First Class and Business Class

In Business Class, a lending service for inflight relaxing wear will be introduced. This service is jointly developed with UCHINO (UCHINO Co., Ltd.), utilizing their Airy Touch material (*9).
(*9) Airy Touch material is known for being made of 100% cotton and characterized by its thin, lightweight, and soft texture, as well as excellent water absorption and insulation properties.
(*10) This service will be available exclusively on A350-1000 operated flights. In First Class, relaxing wear made from 100% organic cotton material will continue to be provided.



An amenity kit will be provided, featuring the artwork of contracted artists from the welfare experimental company, Heralbony, with a mission to “Unleash Your Exceptionality”. The amenity kits are designed with the artists’ artwork and the packaging for the contents incorporates the use of paper, furthering our commitment to move away from new petroleum-derived plastics. (*11)
(*11) This service will be introduced starting from A350-1000 operated flights, with plans for gradual expansion to Europe, the United States (excluding Hawaii and Guam), Canada, and Australia routes operated by other aircraft types.


As part of the celebration of the A350-1000 inaugural flight, a JAL exclusive “MISOKA” toothbrush, which can be used with just water and is made without petroleum-derived plastic, will be offered for a limited time (*12).
(*12) In First Class, “MISOKA” toothbrush will be offered as part of the contents of the amenity kit in collaboration with ZERO HALLIBURTON and Heralbony (Available through June 2024). In Business Class, it will be exclusively available on A350-1000 flights (Available through February 2024).

230904_063 高解像度.jpg

b. Premium Economy Class and Economy Class

The design firm nendo (*13) will supervise the design of new tableware for inflight meals, which is scheduled to be introduced gradually starting from spring 2024. Efforts have been made to reduce the use of new petroleum-derived plastics, with a transition from disposable containers and lids to materials such as paper or 100% recycled plastic. To further enhance these initiatives, 100% plant-derived materials will be adopted for reusable dishes and for the bags used to package cutlery.
(*13) A design firm led by Oki Sato, with bases in Tokyo and Milan, specializing in architecture, interior, product, and graphic design.

■(Reference) Aircraft Overview:

1. Aircraft Type: Airbus A350-1000 (Total of 13 aircraft planned)
2. Operating Route: Tokyo (Haneda) – New York (JFK) (JL006/JL005, initially operating on alternate days)
*The commencement of operations may be subject to change depending on aircraft delivery status.
  More detailed information on the timing and routes will be provided on our website once confirmed.
3. Class Configuration and Seat Capacity: