Airlines’ Stopover Programs with Free Hotel Perks

Airlines now offer “stopover” programs, allowing travelers to explore layover cities with free or discounted accommodations and activities. This trend benefits both travelers and airlines, offering more options and boosting tourism in the carriers’ home countries. Whether for tourism or convenience, stopover programs enhance the travel experience, turning layovers into mini-vacations.

Air Canada’s Aeroplan Stopover Option

Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program allows customers to add a stopover on international award flights for 5,000 Aeroplan points each way, lasting between 24 hours and 45 days. Know more>>

Air France/KLM’s Flying Blue Stopover

Air France and KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program permits free stopovers of 24 hours or more on award tickets, with the flexibility to stay up to a year in the stopover city. Know more>>

China Southern Airlines’ Transfer Passenger Hotel Stay

China Southern Airlines provides a complimentary one-night hotel stay, including breakfast and transportation, for transfer passengers with layovers lasting between six and 30 hours. Know more>>

Copa Airlines’ Panama Stopover Program

Copa Airlines’ Panama stopover program allows customers to spend up to seven days in Panama City on outbound or return trips, with the first stopover free and additional stopovers incurring a fee. Know more>>

Emirates: Dubai Stopover Options

Emirates offers stopovers in Dubai with discounted tour and hotel options, including a complimentary hotel stay, transfers, meals, and visa assistance through its “Dubai Connect” program for layovers between 6 and 26 hours. Know more>>

Ethiopian Airlines’ Addis Ababa Transit Program

Ethiopian Airlines’ transit program provides a free hotel, transit visa, and transfers for layovers between eight and 24 hours in Addis Ababa. Know more>>

Etihad Airways: Abu Dhabi Stopover Offers

Etihad Airways offers stopovers in Abu Dhabi with discounts at select hotels, though its Transit Connect Package, providing a free hotel for layovers between 10 and 24 hours, is temporarily unavailable. Know more>>

Fiji Airways: Fiji Stopover Program

Fiji Airways offers stopover packages in Fiji for travelers to and from Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, including hotel stays and activities. Know more>>

Finnair: Helsinki Layover Experience

Finnair allows passengers to book layovers in Helsinki for up to 24 hours at no additional cost, with assistance in booking hotels and earning Finnair Plus points. Know more>>

Iberia: Madrid Stopover Options

Iberia permits stopovers in Madrid for one to six nights at no extra cost, with discounts on hotels, excursions, and transfer. Know more>>

Icelandair: Reykjavik Stopover Option

Icelandair offers stopovers in Reykjavik for up to seven days on transatlantic itineraries at no extra charge, with assistance in booking excursions and tours.Know more>>

Japan Airlines: Flexible Stopover Program

Japan Airlines offers stopovers at its hubs and other cities in Japan using its multi-city booking tool, providing flexibility for travelers to explore various destinations. Know more>>

Latam Airlines: Brazilian Stopover Experience

Latam Airlines offers stopovers for one to three days in select Brazilian cities on international itineraries, with hotels and amenities bookable through Latam. Know more>>

Oman Air: Muscat Stopover Packages

Oman Air provides customizable stopover packages in Muscat with options for discounted hotels, tours, meals, and transfers, allowing travelers to explore the capital and beyond. Know more>>