Changi Airport’s T2 Connection: Bridging Terminals Underground

Singapore’s Changi Airport is set to enhance its connectivity with the construction of a 2.5km underground link between the upcoming Terminal 5 (T5) and the existing Terminal 2 (T2). This development, known as the T2 Connection, will feature tunnels housing an automated people-mover system akin to the current Skytrain, alongside a dedicated baggage handling system.

Part of the extensive infrastructure plans for the Changi East development, the T2 Connection will seamlessly integrate T5 with the airport’s existing terminals upon the anticipated opening of the mega terminal in the mid-2030s, as confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Preparations for this inter-terminal link have already commenced, with construction work initiated following a contract awarded to the Singapore subsidiary of Chinese construction firm Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. This $622 million project encompasses the design and construction of underground structures, with a slated completion date of October 2028.

Plans for the underground tunnels, facilitating both passenger movement and baggage transfer between T5 and the current airport, have been in progress for several years. Originally envisioned in 2017, these plans have likely evolved in response to factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and refinements to T5’s design for increased flexibility.

The T2 Connection represents a pivotal element in enhancing Changi Airport’s status as a premier air hub, offering seamless transfers for passengers and optimizing operational efficiency. With inter-terminal connectivity being crucial for modern airports, the underground link underscores Changi’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of travelers and ensuring a world-class travel experience.