Etihad Airways Enhances Global Connectivity with New Airline Partnerships

Etihad Airways has broadened its international reach by establishing interline agreements with five new airline partners, enhancing travel flexibility and accessibility for its passengers. The new partnerships include Kam Air of Afghanistan, Greece’s SKY express, Rex Airlines from Australia, Jeju Air in Korea, and Myanmar Airways International.

These agreements enable passengers of Etihad and its partner airlines to book travel through to their final destination on a single ticket, with the added convenience of having their baggage checked through directly. This expansion facilitates smoother connections and broader access to international destinations from Etihad’s hub at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport.

Kam Air

Travelers can now easily connect from Etihad flights to Kam Air services at Abu Dhabi, traveling onward to Kabul.

SKY Express

Similarly, passengers arriving in Athens on Etihad can transfer to SKY express flights, reaching up to 28 locales throughout Greece, including the scenic Mediterranean islands.

Rex Airlines

In Australia, Rex Airlines connects travelers from Etihad’s Sydney and Melbourne flights to 22 domestic destinations, including cities like Adelaide and Brisbane.

Jeju Air

Through its partnership with Jeju Air, Etihad extends its connectivity from Seoul to 27 destinations across seven countries in Northeast Asia.

Myanmar Airways

Moreover, collaboration with Myanmar Airways International provides enhanced connections to Yangon and Mandalay via Etihad’s South Asian gateways. These new partnerships significantly increase the options available to Etihad’s customers, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to broadening its network and improving service quality.

With the addition of these new partners, Etihad Airways now boasts 123 interline, codeshare, and strategic partnerships globally, affirming its position as a key player in international aviation. This network expansion comes as Etihad reported a 41% increase in passenger traffic in the first quarter of 2024, with a total of 4.3 million passengers carried.