Travel Tips & Tricks to Maximize Comfort In during A Flight Travel

Flying, especially on long-haul journeys, can be a demanding experience. Here are some valuable tips to make your economy class flight more comfortable and enjoyable.

1.Traveler Comfort and Hygiene

1.1 Dressing for Comfort: When preparing for a flight, prioritize comfort. Avoid wearing shorts and opt for loose-fitting clothing like tracksuits. This choice promotes relaxation during your journey.

1.2 Hygiene Precautions: Avoid leaning your head against the window, as it may not be as clean as it seems. Additionally, refrain from touching the flush button with your bare hands. Use a napkin or tissue for this purpose.

1.3 Stay Hydrated: Maintain your hydration levels by drinking about 16oz of water for every flight. Proper hydration is essential for your well-being during travel.

2 Seat Selection

2.1 Personal Space: Select a seat that maximizes your personal space. Consider options like extra-legroom seats, exit rows, or bulkhead seats for added comfort.

2.2 Avoid Reclining Limitations: Steer clear of seats in the last row or directly in front of the exit row, as they offer limited recline. Prioritize seats that allow for a more comfortable posture.

2.3 Location Matters: Choose a seat away from high-traffic areas like galleys and lavatories to ensure a peaceful journey.

2.4 Unique Layouts: Consult resources like SeatGuru to explore different seat configurations, especially towards the back, which may offer increased privacy and tranquility.

2.5 Proximity to Wing or Engine: Consider your preference for turbulence, noise, and ease of disembarkation when selecting a seat near the wing or engines.

2.6 Aisle vs. Window: Decide between an aisle or window seat based on your mobility preferences and desire for a view. Each has its benefits, so choose according to your comfort.

2.7 Traveling as a Couple: If traveling with a partner, select an aisle and window seat, leaving the middle seat open for increased space and comfort.

2.8 Aircraft Type: Research different plane models, as some may offer more comfortable features and layouts.

2.9 Early Seat Selection: Book your seat as early as possible to secure your preferred choice. Consider airline co-branded credit cards for potential seat upgrades.

3: Making the Most of Your Flight

3.1 Onboard Exercises: Engage in simple exercises to alleviate discomfort caused by limited space. These movements can greatly improve your well-being during the flight.

3.2 Neighbor-Free Option: Consider airlines offering neighbor-free options to guarantee more personal space and privacy.

3.3 Seat Transformations: Explore airlines with seats that convert into couches for a more relaxed experience.

3.4 Create Your Own Spa: Bring travel-sized spa products to recreate the soothing experience of premium cabins.

3.5 Hydration and Movement: Stay hydrated and make sure to move around during the flight for better comfort and well-being.

4. Take Hotel slippers and Shower caps

The travel pro Kashlee said most airlines will provide socks for long-haul flights, but not slippers unless travelling in first class. But they are super thin and trust me you don’t want to wear them to the bathroom.’unless travelling in first class.  The travel pro encouraged other passengers to use the slippers because the floor on planes is usually filthy. 

‘If you brought hotel slipper you can confidently walk around the plane with them instead.’

In addition to slippers, the savvy traveller recommends using the shower cap too – but not in a way you may think.  

Kashlee uses the bathroom item to cover the bottom of her shoes. 

‘These are an amazing way to keep your dirty shoes from touching the rest of your clothes especially when you are making a quick change at the airport and you need to put them in your luggage,’ she said. 

‘They cover all the dirty parts of the shoe like a charm.’

Alternatively a plastic bag or laundry bag could be used.  


With these tips and tricks, you can turn your economy class flight into a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Remember to plan ahead and prioritize your well-being for a smoother journey.