Flight attendant shares air travel ‘rules’ for a ‘more comfortable’ holiday

flight attendant turned independent luxury travel expert has shared their tried and tested “rules” for plane journeys to make the whole experience easier and “more comfortable” for passengers. In a recent post on the popular online forum, Reddit, a user who goes by the name Consciousendeavors explained that preparation is key to making the most of your trip – from the moment you reach the airport.

A cheerful young woman sitting on the airplane thanks an air stewardess for a blanket.

The flight attendant wrote that while there are “many” ways to make air travel that much easier, the “absolutely must-follow guidelines” include packing lesser-known essentials and avoiding certain things while on the plane.

Use bags with zips and compartments

In the post, the Reddit user led with a safety tip to keep your most valuable possessions locked away while travelling. They said: “Dedicate a specific place in your carry-on bag for your passport, phone, wallet, and keys. Use that space every time you get any of those items out. and put them back after you’ve had to get them out at security or wherever.”

When it comes to putting items in the right bag, the luxury travel expert recommended keeping “must-have items” in carry-on luggage rather than checked-in bags. This includes everything from prescriptions, glasses and toiletries, to a few pairs of clean underwear, chargers and most important – a photocopy of your passport or driver’s license.

According to the Reddit user, carry-all and tote-style bags without a zipper should be avoided when planning your hand luggage as “stuff will fall out”.

Even before packing, choosing the right kind of bag for your trip should depend on who you are flying with. The flight attendant noted that “knowing the rules” for your carrier “ahead of time” can save a lot of time and money when you get to the airport.

Check the carrier luggage rules

They explained that with some budget airlines, you could end up paying more for your luggage at the airport than you did for your ticket if you don’t “buy ahead” – and the same applies to some larger carriers too. In most cases, tickets include at least one carry-on bag unless it’s a super saver fare.

If you’re struggling to fit everything into your suitcase, it is worth investing in a “tiny bag” that is reusable and foldable. This is particularly useful for souvenirs and other airport purchases that you may not have room for. According to the flight attendant, this is “the only exception” to the no zipper bag rule, as long as the handles can be tied together.

Preparing for the plane journey itself is also essential, particularly when it comes to your skin.

Prepare for missed connections

If you are taking an indirect route to your destination, the luxury travel expert recommended always having a plan of action to prepare you for the worst.

They said: “If something goes wrong with your flight and you are going to miss your connection, jump on the carrier’s app and text an agent as soon as you’ve landed and are taxi-ing to the gate rather than waiting until you get off the aircraft to go stand in line for customer service.”

Pack mosquito wipes

One of the Reddit users’ final tips was to “take mosquito wipes everywhere” if you’re heading somewhere hot. They wrote that from experience, doing so has “saved” them “many times”.

The flight attendant explained that these are especially important in Milan, Santorini, the Caribbean, and all over Eastern and Southern US.