Turkish Airlines Plans Australia Flights with Margot Robbie as Brand Ambassador

Turkish Airlines, headquartered in Istanbul, aims to launch flights to Australia in March 2024 and is in talks with Margot Robbie, the renowned Australian actress, and star of the recent blockbuster film “Barbie,” to become the airline’s brand ambassador for the new route. The airline is set to bring Robbie to Turkey a week before the inaugural flight, showcasing various attractions, including the historic site of Göbeklitepe.

The airline’s Chairman, Ahmet Bolat, revealed that discussions are underway to finalize the partnership, emphasizing Robbie’s significant role in the upcoming launch. Turkey has long sought a connection with Australia, with Istanbul Airport and Turkish Airlines positioning Istanbul as a strategic hub for travelers from Oceania to access a multitude of destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

While facing challenges related to Australian government restrictions on flight operations, Turkish Airlines plans layover flights to Australia, involving a 10-hour stopover in Singapore followed by a seven-hour journey to Australia. Despite the current fleet’s limitations for nonstop flights, the airline aspires to achieve direct connections with the arrival of the A350-1000, as indicated by a recent Airbus order.