Preview of Dreamscape-Changi Airport Terminal 2

Enter Dreamscape, an immersive indoor garden where nature and technology merge in a magical symphony.

Surrounding the space are 20,000 plants from some 100 species, carefully nestled amidst the 18 evergreen structures, including two special feature plants: the Pesuderanthemum “splash” and the Begonia blancii.

Stepping into the centre of the glass panels “floating” above the pond, one feels like one’s walking on water, as the almost transparent Aponogeton ulvaceus plants shimmer and move with the fish swimming between them.

While the garden’s symphony of sounds of over 100 unique creatures seranades the heart, the ever-changing digital sky above mimics real-time weather conditions, creating an atmospheric light and sound show that evolves throughout the day at 30-minute intervals.

Every detail of the digital sky is built from meteorological data specific to Changi, allowing every moment in Dreamscape to flow with wonder.