Abu Dhabi Airport to become Zayed International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport is set to undergo a name change, becoming Zayed International Airport effective February 9, 2024. This change was ordered by President Sheikh Mohamed and precedes the official opening of the airport’s state-of-the-art Terminal A, scheduled for the following day.

Crown Prince Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed of Abu Dhabi personally toured the new Terminal A on Tuesday and emphasized its crucial role in advancing the emirate’s economic and sustainable development. He underscored the need for continued investment to fortify the tourism and aviation sectors.

The mega project of Terminal A, which is three times the size of the old terminal and offers flights to 117 global destinations, is poised to significantly enhance the frequency and reach of flights to and from Abu Dhabi. Upon opening, it will have the capacity to handle up to 45 million passengers annually.

The transition to the new terminal will occur in stages, commencing on November 1, with Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and 15 other international airlines scheduled to start operations from Terminal A. Etihad Airways will begin its operations from the terminal on November 9, followed by 28 other airlines on November 14.

This monumental airport transformation project is anticipated to serve as a major gateway, elevating the emirate’s global prominence in the aviation industry.