Layover @ DXB: Making the Most of Your Time at Dubai International Airport

If you’re planning a trip between east and west , it is highly likely that you would have to change flights in Dubai, UAE. In case you’ve got an extended layover at Dubai, here is a list of things you can do at Dubai Airport to ensure your time is well spent and you’re rejuvinated for the adventure that lies ahead.

Cafes at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport boasts an array of over 100 cafes and restaurants, offering a diverse mix of cuisines. From delectable lasagna to savoury spaghetti, establishments like Carluccios and Wolfgang Puck serve up the finest Italian fare.

Unwind at the luxury airport lounges

Lounge in style during your layover at Dubai Airport, akin to a first-class traveller, irrespective of your flight class or airline. Many airport lounges offer access to all travellers, featuring inclusive dining, beverages, serene spaces, and robust WiFi. Some even provide shower facilities. Do pre-booking online or leverage lounge membership programs for a comfortable stopover experience.

Indoor Gardens at Terminal 3

Discover a serene Zen Garden nestled within Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. This oasis of natural beauty provides a soothing escape amid lush greenery, trees and a serene fish pond.

Rest at Sleep ‘n  Fly Sleep lounge

While not the most glamorous activity, resting in sleep pods can be a practical option during a short layover or flight delay. The airport’s Terminal 3 houses 20 cosy ‘igloo’ style pods with retractable roofs. Each pod features essentials like a mattress, disposable headrest cover, blanket, pillow, and sheets.

Dive into swim or workout facilities

G -Force Health Club Enjoy a comprehensive range of gym facilities, including Nautilus personal circuits, treadmills, stationary bikes, and more. After exercising, relish individual hot showers. The gym and shower facilities are accessible 24/7, with the option to choose your preferred duration and timings during booking. Health Clubs are located at various levels in Terminal 3 – Concourse C (above C15 gate), Concourse B (above B12/B22 gates), and Concourse A (above A1 gate).

Refresh with a complimentary shower

Refresh yourself with a complimentary shower at Dubai Airport. Whether it’s before an early morning flight or a short layover, taking a rejuvenating shower can be a game-changer. For those who prefer to keep things efficient, this is a convenient option without checking into a hotel or spa.

Shower Facilities

Shower Amenities DXB provides convenient shower amenities, complete with towels, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, dental kits, shaving kits, vanity kits, combs, and bathmats. Available 24/7, these facilities are found in Terminal 3 between gates B13 and B19, as well as in Terminal 1 at Gates D.

Indulge in spa sessions

Maximise your stopover by indulging in lavish spa treatments that provide relaxation beyond travel. Dubai Airport offers a range of options, from body scrubs to massages. With treatments like Hawaiian Lomi, your body and soul can be rejuvenated during your layover.

Meet & Assist

Dubai International Airport’s Meet & Assist service provides travelers with a stress-free airport journey. With aid for immigration, airport security, and dedicated fast track counters, passengers can unwind, knowing they have professional assistance. Courteous escorts guide passengers through airport formalities, ensuring a smooth transition until they reunite with their party outside. The service also includes complimentary porter assistance and help with baggage, enhancing overall convenience. Whether opting for arrival or departure assistance, passengers can anticipate an effortless and trouble-free airport experience.


Spa Services Dubai International Airport offers an array of spa and massage services for travelers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Passengers can indulge in spa treatments, including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and more. The airport’s spa facilities provide a serene atmosphere, enabling travelers to unwind before or after flights. Express treatments and longer sessions cater to various time constraints, with skilled therapists ensuring a blissful experience within the airport.


Hair Salons As one of the world’s busiest airports, Dubai International Airport offers diverse services, including hair salons. These salons, usually located within the terminals, provide services such as haircuts, styling, coloring, and grooming.

Free Wi-Fi

Wireless Connectivity Thanks to a significant upgrade, you can now access unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi at no cost throughout DXB and DWC. To connect, simply follow these three steps: 1. Choose “DXB Free WiFi” or “DWC Free WiFi” from the network list. 2. Open your web browser. 3. Click “Get online now.”


Shop until you drop

Shopping at Dubai Airport is a remarkable experience, with vast duty-free zones and an array of international boutiques. Pick up local goods like dry fruits and chocolates for souvenirs or treats. Additionally, seize the unique opportunity to buy raffle tickets, as the airport regularly offers cash, gold, and luxury cars as prizes.

Dubai Airport isn’t just a transit point, it’s an immersive travel experience that offers an array of activities to enhance your journey. So next time you’re at Dubai airport, we’re sure going to ensure your time was well spent!

Dubai International Airport (DXB) showcases top-tier passenger amenities, ensuring a seamless travel encounter with its cutting-edge facilities and outstanding services.

Money Exchanges

Foreign Exchange Services As expected from a major international airport, DXB features multiple exchange bureaus across all terminals, ensuring you acquire the necessary currency for your destination. What’s more, you can even lock in today’s exchange rate and collect your currency upon arrival!

Business Hub

Business Hub For those with significant work demands, a business center is available at the Dubai International Hotel. Equipped with meeting rooms, secretarial services, photocopying, internet access, lamination and binding services, faxing, and conference facilities.

Babycare – Kids Zone

Traveling with an infant or small children ? Located between Gates B7 and B8,  at Terminal 3 , there is a Family area with creative play equipments, television screens with children’s programming, and baby changing rooms. There is a climbing area and interactive games zone.Additional conversational-style seating has also been made available for families waiting for flights with a range of both individual and group seats.

Smoking Lounges

Designated Smoking Lounges Regrettably, smoking in public areas is prohibited. However, well-ventilated smoking lounges are available in all terminals. Locate them by following the signs. Locations include: Terminal 1 (Gate D12, Upper level), Terminal 2 (Near departure area), Terminal 3 (Gates A2, A23, B7, B27, C9, C23).

Co-Working Space

Co-working Haven Dubai International Airport introduces its inaugural co-working space, “Their Patio,” situated in Terminal 3 near Gate 3 of the arrivals section. “Passengers can attend to business matters and administrative tasks without leaving the airport — even finalize deals,” shared Mei Mei Song, Global Brand Director of Plaza Premium Group, the establishment behind the lounge.

The lounge features amenities designed for an uninterrupted work atmosphere, including meeting rooms, private call spaces, and shared offices.

Airport Hotel

Airport Hotel Conveniently situated in terminals 1 and 3, the Dubai International Airport Hotel is ideal for travelers seeking brief rests during international flights. Offering various accommodations, from 3-hour to 24-hour stays, passengers can enjoy a comfortable stay without leaving the airport or undergoing Immigration and Customs processes.

Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage In Terminals 1 and 3, we offer baggage storage while you explore. The fee is AED40 or AED50 for every 12 hours, depending on bag size. Refer to our interactive maps to locate this service.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer Zones in DXB offers Muslim prayer and ablution facilities throughout the airport and car park areas. Please follow the signage.